2nd GlobBiomass User Workshop

(31.01./02.02.2017 – VTT Espoo, Helsinki, Finland)

On 1. January 2015, the ESA Data User Element project GlobBiomass was started for a three year period. After the first two busy project phases, it was time to share and discuss our results and methodological progress in a 2nd  GlobBiomass User Workshop.

Until the end of the 2nd project phase in January 2017 the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document was updated and first results from the Global Biomass Mapping Approach was expected. The Global Mapping System was fitted and the Regional Reference Maps for 2010 and 2005 including Change Map were completed (a preview is available at https://globbiomass.org/products/regional-mapping).

Significant discussion points with users were the Validation Approach and the dissemination for the Global and Regional Mapping Products.

The 2nd Public User Workshop / PM4 Project Meeting took place from 31.01. – 02.02.2017 at the VTT Rechnical Research Centre in Otaniemi, Espoo near the vicinity of Helsinki/Finland.

The main scientific objectives of the 2nd User Workshop / PM4 Meeting

  • Discussion of the 2nd phase deliverables and milestones with external participants and the advisory board, i.e. the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD); the System Specification, the Regional Mapping Products and the Global Mapping Approach;
  • Receive of the user feedback;
  • Bring together new input to improve the already existing documents and products and the further development in the 3rd Phase of GlobBiomass.




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